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About us

Casevacanzacilento.it is the result of the experience of Promogite, tour operator particularly trained in the incoming activity in two regions of South Italy: Campania and Basilicata.The portal concerning the holiday houses in Cilento is the answer at the needs to propose on the world tourist market the opportunity to stay in comfortable apartments and villas plonged in the uncontaminated nature of the National Parc of Cilento or along the marvellous sea along the cilentan coast. The holiday houses formule represents the ideal solution for people who want spend their exclusive and not expensive holidays and love organize by them-self  their own holiday. For this reason we have decided to give the chance to the clients and the house owners to meet directly on the web. We supervise with great attention but we don’ t make intermediation inside the commercial relationship. Obviously all the holiday houses which are present on the web are comform to the quality standards provided by us, with a cancelling system from the network in case of serious inefficiency signalized by the clients.